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    NexusPharma is dedicated to the discovery of novel therapeutics by creating and testing patient derived cancer xenograft models

    In close collaboration with Fox Chase Cancer Center Nexus is offering their clients a broad range of extensively characterized patient derived xenograft (PDX) models in over 15 cancer indications.

    Our research ranges from developing patient derived xenograft models and associated primary cell lines that can be used for testing approved and investigational drug candidates.

    NexusPharma is offering first rate research services to universities, biotechnology and pharma companies. Xeno and co-clinical trials, performed with the NexusPharma models significantly increase the value of your drug development candidates.


    NexusPharma Inc.
    Fox Chase Cancer Center, room P2017
    333 Cottman Ave
    PA 19111, USA
    Fon:(732)-274-0010 or (215)-214-1499
    Mail: info@nexuspharm.com
    Web: http://www.nexuspharm.com

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