Für Patienten Wir bieten ein Verfahren zur individuellen Vorhersage der Wirksamkeit bekannter und neuer Krebsmedikamente für Ihre Behandlung ...

large panels of tumor models corresponding repositories of tumor material
(OTC, snap frozen, FFPE, DNA, RNA)
extensive data about histology, genetic profile
and drug sensitivity

tumor models with defined target expression for screening and comparison with standards implementation of transgenic techniques PK/PD/Tox studies

extensively characterized patient derived xenografts
for applied studies (preclinical phase II)
implementation of individualized therapy experimental imaging

  • Für Patienten

    Verfahren für die individuelle Vorhersage bekannter und neuer Krebsmedikamente

    Wie kann ich meinen Tumor testen lassen?

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  • Tumor Models

    The EPO tumor models provide a unique & outstanding source for your cancer research projects.

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  • Our Services

    Based on a more than 15 years experience, EPO offers customized and comprehensive service for
    the preclinical development
    of new cancer drugs.

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  • About Us

    We offer the right models for each preclinical development phase.
    From Target identification and validation to translational research.

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