• Experimental Pathology / Histopathology @ EPO

    EPO is offering experimental pathology and histopathology services. EPO has established a new laboratory and expertise to provide gross pathology, and histopathological consultative and interpretative pathology services.

    We can provide high-quality analysis of tissues obtained from experimental systems in diverse mammalian organisms in particular to investigators working with laboratory animals.

    • necropsies
    • dissection and tissue processing including tissue fixation (frozen or fixed tissues)
    • preparation of sections from frozen or fixed samples
    • generation of stained or unstained slides
    • comprehensive sets of tissue-based tests and diagnostic services
    • immunohistochemistry

    The Experimental Pathology provides services for the microscopic analysis of tissues for clinical as well as experimental in vivo model studies


    the image reveals positive immunoreactivity for MSH6 in a MS- stable colon carcinoma (red) the image reveals negative immunoreactivity for MSH6 in a MS - instable colon carcinoma

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